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Welcome to Our Service Department

At Acura of Concord, our highly qualified technicians are here to provide exceptional service in a timely manner. From oil changes to transmission replacements, we are dedicated to maintaining top tier customer service, for both new and pre-owned car buyers! Allow our staff to demonstrate our commitment to excellence.

Oil change at Acura of Concord:

By far, one of the most critical tasks for you to stay up to date with when it comes to your precious set of wheels is regular oil changes. So, if you can't remember the last time, you had this fluid swapped for a new batch, make it a point to visit Acura of Concord. We're open during accommodating business hours and can't wait to lend you a hand.

What Role Does Oil Play in Your Vehicle?

If you're wondering what makes your vehicle's oil so important in the first place, allow us to give you all the details. This lubricant is designed to keep all the moving parts of your engine operating seamlessly and without friction. On top of that, it helps to remove debris from the more sensitive areas of your powertrain. Without the help of oil, too much heat would be generated under the hood. This would inevitably lead to costly issues in the future that could have been avoided with timely oil changes. 

What Are the Warning Signs?

When your oil begins to degrade, you'll start to notice the performance of your ride begin to diminish. One way in which this might present itself is through additional exhaust. So, if you see dark clouds of smoke billowing from your ride's tailpipe when you hit the gas, it might be because your engine's lubricant is no longer performing its job. Moreover, you might have to visit the gas station more often, as tainted oil can reduce fuel efficiency ratings. We can't fail to mention that you shouldn't ignore your car's check engine light, as this is another sign that things under the hood need attention.

Our Service Department:

Our Professional Acura Trained Service Advisors and Acura Factory Certified Technicians are ready to help you maintain your vehicle. 

Get an oil change at Acura of Concord. Our Service Department is open Monday through Saturday and we can't wait to assist you. 

Tire Rotation Service at Acura of Concord:

Maintaining your vehicle's internal aspects is as important as the upkeep on your vehicle's exterior in order to ensure a long and healthy driving life. One of our offered services at Acura of Concord is our tire rotation service. Can't remember the last time you did a tire rotation on your car? Don't worry, Schedule your next service appointment with us! 

What Is a Tire Rotation Service? 

A tire rotation service is required for your vehicle's wheels in order to ensure even tread wear. Uneven tire wear can cause your vehicle's tires to lose life faster and will eventually force you to replace them sooner than you expected. It is an important and crucial part of tire upkeep. If your vehicle model is AWD, then it is beneficial to get a tire rotation service in order to lessen the stresses on the car's drivetrain thus, reduce the wear on possibly expensive driving components. In terms of safety, the tread of your tires determines the ability for them to grip to the pavement and roads and during tricky weather conditions that may be a problem, which can cause untimely accidents. 

When Is the Right Time to Get a Tire Rotation? 

Did you take that cross-country road trip you had always dreamed of and are finally home? Then it might be time to check your vehicle's mileage. If you have driven a distance of 3,000 miles or more, you need to get your tires rotated. The recommended time to get a tire rotation is when your distance traveled is between 3,000 and 5,000 miles. Usually, your oil is also recommended to be changed every 3,000 miles or so, these two services may coincide. 

Our Service Department

At Acura of Concord our Service Department has you covered. We can rotate your tires for you and get you back on the road. We offer a wide variety of services and have our own Parts Department and Tire Center in case it is time to replace any part of your vehicle. 

Visit Acura of Concord for a tire rotation service. We are here to help you 6 days a week (Monday - Saturday), check our business hours and schedule your appointment today.

Battery Test at Acura of Concord:

With the many services your vehicle requires, we understand if some tasks fall through the cracks. While it's unlikely you'll forget something like an oil change, sometimes Battery tests can get pushed to the side. That being said, you won't want to wait too long to have the team at Acura of Concord check this component out.

Importance of Battery Tests

Have you ever turned your key in the ignition just to find out that there's no response? If so, you know just how inconvenient it can be when your battery dies. This issue will only be compounded if you're running late or have somewhere important you need to be. Instead of risking a missed day at work, have a team of professionals perform regular battery tests. That way, when you try to engage the powertrain, you'll have peace of mind. Plus, we can find out if there are any bigger complications or if you need a new battery altogether.

Signs You Need a Battery Test

If you know what you're looking for, your vehicle will sometimes give you advanced warning that the battery needs attention. For instance, dim or flickering lights in the cabin could be a sign that your component is at the end of the line. On top of that, you may notice that the engine has a harder time getting started when you turn the key. Additionally, you can perform a visual inspection for signs of wear and tear. As an example, corrosion on the terminal points and a damaged battery case are leading indicators that something is wrong. One of the best ways to avoid these problems is to follow the timeline given in your Owner's Manual for battery test appointments. If you're in need of one, stop by our Service Department. 

Parts Department

While you'll be able to get the help you need through our Service Department, our Parts Department is another worthwhile source for individuals who prefer to handle things on their own. Through this resource, you can order a wide range of components, including batteries. Just Select Ask a Parts Pro on our website for help with your parts needs.

Brake Inspection and Repair at Acura of Concord

When you suddenly see a stop light ahead and have to make an expedient halt, would you prefer relying on a set of brakes that have been tested and repaired or a set that hasn't? It goes without saying that components that have gotten attention from a knowledgeable team will bring you greater peace of mind. So, swing by Acura of Concord the next time you think your ride could use our help!

Warning Signs

While it's best to take a look at your brakes before any issues arise in the first place, these components have several ways to tell you that they are at the end of their ropes. For instance, if you feel a soft brake pedal when you press down, it's likely that something is amiss. Moreover, you might hear a metallic or grinding noise when you apply stopping force, another leading indicator that you should stop by our Service Department. Last but not least, if your dashboard shows a check engine light, that's a clear sign that you should make it a point to schedule an appointment with us.

Brake Test and Repair

When you stop into our Service Department, you'll be greeted by a team of professionals who are eager to get to work. After you let them know you're here for your brakes, they'll immediately attempt to find the source of the problem. Since this area is actually made up of several components, they'll ensure everything is working properly before handing back the keys. If anything needs to be replaced, we'll talk with you about the next steps. Fortunately, we have a Parts Department onsite that should have the items necessary to accomplish just about any task.

Online Tools

One reason we have so many clients that choose to do business with us again and again is because we simplify the service process with online tools. From our website, you'll be able to schedule an appointment without picking up the phone. That being said, you're welcome to drop by unannounced if you prefer. Moreover, we post coupons and discounts that will keep your expenses to a minimum. We look forward to assisting you with your vehicle's needs.

Alignments with Acura of Concord

Feeling your Acura pulling to one side of the road when you drive? Then its time for a wheel alignment and tire inspection. Along with straightening out your ride, you'll also notice improved tire tread life (since both tires now wear evenly instead of one tire putting in more work). Plus, sometimes you can sometimes spot slightly boosted fuel economy since your engine doesn't need to put in as much extra work to compensate for your unaligned wheels - helping you commute around the bay area with ease. Schedule an appointment with our team of Factory trained Service Advisors and Certified Technicians.  

Acura Maintenance Minder & Codes

Oil Life %


What to do


Service Due Soon

Plan to take your vehicle in for service.


Service Due Now

Take your vehicle in now for maintenance.


Service Past Due

Service is overdue. Take your vehicle in now.

Main Code

What it means:

A or B

Replace engine oil and filter. Includes inspection of various components and systems.


Sub Code

What it means:


Rotate the Tires


Replace the air cleaner element, check the drive belt, and replace the dust and pollen filter


Replace the transmission fluid and transfer fluid (if equipped)


Replace the spark plugs, replace the timing belt (if equipped), inspect the water pump, and inspect valve clearance


Replace the engine coolant


Replace the rear differential fluid (if equipped)


Replace the brake fluid

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