Acura Leasing: What It Is and Why It Might Be Right for You

Leasing is not for everyone--there will always be that driver in Concord who puts 50,000 miles on their car every year, who doesn't mind puttering around in an older vehicle, who doesn't care much for the ever-advancing assortment of tech features. But, thanks to the increasing versatility, affordability, and ease of leasing, luxury car leasing in particular is becoming a much more attraction option for a variety of drivers.

Read on to learn more about car leasing, and Acura's leasing program, and to see if leasing a new luxury sedan, SUV, or sports car may be the right option for you.

Is Leasing a Good Option?

For many drivers and families, leasing is a good option if you: drive less than ~15,000 miles per year, you don't mind driving a new car every few years, you are vigilant in keeping up with maintenance, and you take care of your vehicle. If you do and are, you can take advantage of leasing benefits like these:

  • Upgrade to the latest technology, features, and safety systems every few years
  • Pay less per month when compared to buying a new car
  • Remain under the coverage of warranty and any available programs

Does this sound like a good fit? See why an Acura may be a good choice for your next lease in Concord.

Why Lease an Acura

There are a huge number of reasons to lease a new Acura RDX, TLX, MDX, or NSX--but there are a few that are specific to this exceptional brand's program:

  • "Momentum Miles" let you roll over unused lease miles (up to 15K) from your previous lease into your new lease
  • Turn-in fee is waived for drivers who purchase or lease another Acura within 30 days of the turn-in date
  • GAP coverage comes standard
  • Choose from 24 - 60-month leases, at 7.5K, 10K, 12K, or 15K miles per year
  • Guaranteed end-of-lease purchase price is locked in at signing for peace of mind
  • Flexible end-of-lease options

What to Do at the End of a Lease

At the end of your 20, 36, 42, or 60-month lease, you have three basic options to consider:

Lease again: easily step out of your current leased Acura and into a brand-new Acura lease.

Purchase your leased vehicle (or another vehicle): buy the car that you've been leasing--or, buy another new or used vehicle that's on our lot.

Final turn-in: hand in the keys and any included accessories or paperwork, settle up any fees or added costs, and you're all set.

Contact Acura of Concord to learn more about leasing, Acura lease deals, why leasing vs buying may make sense for you, or to prep for your own upcoming end-of-lease choice.


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