The Spirit of a Supercar in the 2019 Acura TLX PMC Edition


The Acura TLX PMC is a vehicle like no other, being a limited edition that excels in just about every way. PMC stands for Performance Manufacturing Center, the facility that also puts together the Acura NSX, using the same technicians and giving it better options and features that you won't find in other models in the lineup.


Exclusive Features and Options

The first thing you will notice is the color. The Valencia Red Pearl color was classically reserved for the Acura NSX, but has made its way to the Acura TLX PMC, along with a black roof. The special treatment isn't only for design, but also makes its way to the standard features throughout. The Acura TLX PMC comes with the 3.5-liter V6 engine as standard – not being just an option like the other trims – to make up to up to 290 horsepower and 267 pound-feet of torque.

You will also be getting the Technology Package, Advance Package, and A-Spec Package to help you get all the most innovative and intuitive features, being able to combine the Advance and A-Spec packages which are usually not available together.


A Marvel to Behold

The Acura TLX PMC Edition is manufactured in the same place as the NSX because it gives you the same thrill of owning something that you don't see every day. The technicians who put this model together are ones that are used to crafting excellence and beauty, also infusing all that into the Acura TLX PMC.

The Acura TLX PMC gives you a unique model that will always keep you smiling when you get behind the wheel. This model will start hitting dealerships over the summer and will help you see all the benefits and unique features that this model comes with. We encourage you to visit our dealership soon so that we can answer your questions and help you see how this is the one for you.

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